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Al Arab University is the Premier University of the Middle East, providing quality education in 16 schools of study and 72 majors. The University has a global presence and its campuses are located across 6 continents with a focus on the Middle East and surrounding regions. Thanks to the University's higher educational standards, employers worldwide prefer Al Arab graduates over those of other universities, while referring their current employees to Al Arab for a higher education.

The University has an expert faculty comprising highly qualified and experienced educationists and industry experts, who have been associated with world-renowned institutions of the world. The University has so far produced 104,000 graduates in over 80 countries who have been working with the prestigious organizations and institutions of the world.

For further information about the University, please feel free to contact the Al Arab University consultants at any time on 1-866-330-6391. They are available for your assistance 24/7.

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