Mission and Values


Welcome to the convenience and flexibility of an online education at Al Arab University. Earn a college degree on your terms. You control the schedule. There are no travel expenses, or hours spent searching a campus map. Simply attend our online classes anytime, anywhere, virtually 24/7. We define our mission statement as:

To revamp the existing education system for working adults, while making education more student-friendly for working adults by enabling students to study at their own convenience, and according to their requirement, budget, and availability of time.

There are a key set of values and virtues connected with education at Al Arab University. These include learning, thinking, integrity, honesty, growth and excellence. These values and virtues reflect the general goals and standards of behavior between Al Arab graduates and Al Arab University.

Higher education at any university, in numerous ways, attempts to model and teach those key character virtues which embody these central values. Al Arab University encourages its students to pursue these values and develop these character virtues as well.

At Al Arab University, the primary focus of education is teaching these character virtues. Further, becoming an educated person, involves living these virtues throughout one's life. It is often said that a main goal in education, in this fast paced, highly evolving world is facilitating the development of life-long learners. Since things keep changing so quickly and knowledge is growing exponentially, Al Arab University acknowledges that its students need to keep learning throughout their lives.

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