Accreditation FAQs


Q. What is accreditation?
Accreditation is a voluntary process that an institution enters into to ensure that it meets certain standards.
For example, an accrediting agency will examine the university's academic programs, financial position, governance and administration, admissions and student personnel services, resources, student academic achievement, and organizational effectiveness, among other factors. An accrediting organization/agency is an independent body that objectively judges an institution against these standards.


Q. What is the importance of being accredited?
When a university receives accreditation, it communicates to the public that it has met accepted standards. Accreditation is a way of assuring prospective students that the courses and programs offered at the institution are of high quality and value. Accreditation also allows for access to federal student aid and greater ease in transferring credit.


Q. Who performs the accreditation?
Accreditation is performed by a recognized organization that has the sole purpose of accrediting institutions or programs. These organizations are not government agencies, but are recognized by private organizations.


Q. What steps must an institution go through to become accredited?
Typically, an institution will need to submit a self-study at the beginning of the process. This is based on the criteria of the accrediting body. The concerned institution will be subjected to a review by peers who will evaluate how the institution or program meets the criteria. Afterward, the accrediting body will issue a final decision.


Q. How often does an institution need to be accredited?
Once an institution receives accreditation, it must maintain that status through an ongoing review process. This will include periodic reports to, and on-site visits by, the accrediting agency.


Q. Is Al Arab University accredited and from where has it received its accreditation?
All degree programs offered by Al Arab University are accredited by the Distance Learning Quality Assurance Agency (MEAC). Middle East Accreditation Council (MEAC) is an independent and internationally recognized accrediting body that accredits international online universities.

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