World's No.1 Education Management System

Al Arab University, the world's leading online university, provides students with an enlightening education experience through an interactive Education Management System (EMS) that is designed to facilitate effective student learning. Our goal is to ensure you get quality education as and when you want it!

A System that Adapts to YOU

What good is technology if it doesn't benefit you? At Al Arab University we embrace innovation and employ it to facilitate student learning.

Presenting Al Arab Patented E-Learning System - A state-of-the-art system that allows students to gain access to high quality education in the most innovative and exciting ways possible. Apart from being cutting-edge, this system provides our students with the following benefits:

  • Expert International Faculty: Added convenience of online tools is not meant to undermine the benefits of expert teachers' guidance. With professors of the highest caliber, drawn from over 180 countries and accessible around the clock, students do not miss out on any opportunity to gain extra insight into their chosen subjects.
  • Interactive Educational Tools: A wide range of programs covering diverse fields are on offer via Al Arab's state-of-the-art platform. Through our collaborative and modern instructional technologies, students have the advantage of gaining high quality education in the most convenient way possible!
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: It's the only e-learning system where YOU call the shots! Students are provided with a self-paced learning environment that allows them to study on their own terms. What's more is that with Al Arab's state-of-the-art e-learning system, you have the freedom to study anywhere, at anytime.
  • Education Made Easy: Last, but definitely not the least, to add to your unique student experience; we at Al Arab offer a wide range of exceptional student and alumni services. So, whether you need information regarding your program or wish for some guidance on how to prepare for your first job interview - we've got it all right here!


Highlights of Al Arab's E-Learning System

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