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Al Arab is a leading accredited university known for offering a range of innovative programs to propel students towards their chosen academic and professional goals. As a recognized leader of business education across the Middle Eastern region, we aim to contribute towards the growth and development of the executive workforce in UAE and around the world.


The School of Business & Management at Al Arab offers comprehensive programs to meet the current and future needs of the business and corporate sector in the Gulf region and beyond. Our Islamic Banking programs focuses on expanding our student’s understanding of fundamental management principles and developing their in-depth knowledge of a technologically driven business environment. The courses offered at Al Arab are designed specifically to support students and busy professionals so they can excel in their field of interest without compromising on their responsibilities.

Why Choose Islamic Banking Programs at Al Arab

Islamic banking is one of the fastest emerging areas of finance in the Middle East alone, having made its presence in over 75 countries already, representing one-fifth of the world’s population that is interested in channeling its wealth into an Islamic structured financing. However, Islamic banking and finance programs being offered by universities across the region are currently do not match the growth demand of this field. At Al Arab University we understand the need for providing break through courses that cater to a myriad of Islamic banking principles, so that students and professionals in the UAE and Middle Eastern region can specialize in value-oriented and Shariah compliant banking system.

Our dynamic Islamic Banking programs instills competitive analytical, business, management and leadership skills so you step out into the real world equipped with specialized learning to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Graduates of our Islamic Banking programs are well prepared to face the challenges of the global and the modern corporate world.

Key Features of our Program

Al Arab’s Islamic Banking programs are accredited by the Distance Learning Quality Assurance Agency (DLQAA) and prepares students to meet the challenges of the global market by providing them in-depth business education that extends beyond the classroom. Our courses have been developed by industry experts and are taught by leading field professionals who help you gain an excellent grasp on business fundamentals.

Our Islamic banking and finance programs follow the same core modules as a Banking and Finance MBA, providing rigorous training in theory and practice of mainstream financial management and strategy. The specialized modules offered particularly focus on industry-based knowledge involving risk management, commercial laws, modes of Islamic financing and advance corporate governance.

Al Arab’s programs in Islamic banking and finance can open doors of opportunities for you to a wide variety of professions. Graduates of our programs are sought out by employers around the world and are currently working with major business organizations as consultants, financial advisors, market analysts, brand managers, sales managers and public relations experts.

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  • Associalte's to PhD level programs

“I chose Al Arabbecause it is a well-established university and has an excellent reputation. It was the only university that provided industry preferred programs online. The School of Business and Management prepared me well for the challenge of a highly competitive business environment. I picked the right university and degree for me, definitely.”


Adam Blake
Chicago, USA
Class of 2009

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