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Now you can study toward a fully accredited and a globally recognized degree from the world’s largest university.
When you join our global online community, you become part of an inclusive network that has helped thousands of students from over 214 countries to achieve their personal and career goals.

Our mission is to make quality higher education highly accessible. Available throughout New Zealand and Australia, our online degree, diploma and certificate programs are specifically designed to enable you to study in your own country, at your own pace. Our programs are ideal for working adults who wish to maintain a balance between their work, study and personal commitments.

Truly committed to your success, through Al Arab’s virtual classroom you will find you can earn your degree sooner than you think. Students throughout New Zealand and Australia can attend classes online. Our Student consultants, well versed in your educational and professional concerns, will provide your personalized educational support throughout your academic journey with Al Arab.


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Earn up to 75% scholarship for a program of your choice and get a globally accepted degree from Al Arab University!
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